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i_has_a_hammer's Journal

I can has hammer?
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Thor Macros, for the Lulz
Welcome to i_has_a_hammer, a community dedicated to lulzy macros of everyone's favorite god of thunder and all the rest of our beloved characters. Everyone is welcome to post and contribute here.

Here are just a few guidelines to get us started:
1. Please warn and use an lj-cut for not safe for work (NSFW) images. Also, using an lj cut for large or spoilery images is just a nice thing to do so people's flists don't get taken over.
2. Please be kind and respectful to other members.
3. Well-intentioned satires of characters are great, but please do not outright bash or hate on characters.
4. This space is reserved for guidelines I have not yet thought of :)

Have fun!